Painting a Hospital Ward

On one of my visits to Wajir Hospital in Kenya, a male nurse approached me with a request. He asked if I could find a way to help repair and paint the hospital ward where he was working. He discussed how bad the conditions were and explained that he had already spent great effort to clean and repair the floor inside the ward.

He still needed to repair and paint the wall. He was overjoyed when I agreed to let him take me around to personally view the conditions of the ward. The enthusiasm of this hard-working young man inspired me greatly When I asked him to prepare an estimate for the work, he met me the next day with numbers clearly written on a piece of paper.

When I meet people who are caring and enthusiastic to help others, I am not only happy for their efforts, it makes it much easier to help them. The young nurse’s wishes were granted; within a few weeks, the work was completed.

I am thankful to Father Francis of the Catholic Mission who became my representative in supervising this simple but important deed. I am happy to call him my good friend.