Providing Water for 475 Families

The residents of Tacloban North Village recently celebrated the inauguration of water pumps installed by Rev. Bhante Y. Wimala. These provide water for 475 families.

Two months ago, the North Village Association decided to send a letter of request to Rev. Wimala for water pumps. Approximately 475 families who lost homes to Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban were resettled in Tacloban North Village and were going through great difficulties because they did not have enough water for daily use and consumption. The water being supplied by the city government had not been enough for the daily needs of the people of Tacloban North Village, and scarcity of water was a daily problem.

Mr. Arturo Golong, president of the Homeowner’s Association at Tacloban North Village described the current living conditions in the settlement far where he and his family used to live, by the ocean. Mr. Golong’s old house was wiped out during the typhoon. Since moving into the new settlement, the availability of water had been a major problem.

Golong explained. “The water we used for bathing was the same water we used for cleaning the house, dishes, or washing our clothes, and we had to travel to the city or nearby villages to buy our drinking water.”

Mr. Golong acclaimed Rev. Wimala for his support of the village. “We are deeply thankful to Rev. Wimala for taking our request seriously. We sent requests to lots of organizations but only Rev. Wimala responded. A week after receiving our request, he immediately made necessary arrangements to install three water pumps for the village. Rev. Wimala sincerely felt sympathy and caring for us when he came to the village and saw our current situation,” said Mr. Golong.

“With water pumps in three locations, life is now different in our village. We are more comfortable and we are enjoying the water thanks to Rev. Wimala. We thank him for giving priority to this water project. We all felt that Rev. Wimala really cared about us. Our life here is extremely hard because of poverty and unemployment and his kindhearted help touched our lives, not just temporarily, but for our lifetimes,” Mr. German Rosillo, Vice-President of Tacloban North Villages Homeowner’s Association said, with great appreciation.

Addressing the community Rev. Wimala thanked and shared his blessings with the generous sponsor Mr. Anura Perera and his family, who provided the necessary funds.