Public Toilet Blocks in Four Devastated Villages

We have built public toilet blocks in four villages in Tacloban city, central Philippines, the hardest hit city of Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013. The public toilet blocks were completed for Village #56A with 195 families and village #50 with over 200 families. Most of the families (almost 90%) do not have their own toilets and depended on public toilets. The public toilets were completely destroyed by the typhoon. Without proper toilets villagers were using the ocean or temporary toilets that were both unsanitary and unsafe and not appropriate for women to use in the daytime.

You can see one such temporary toilet on the left side of the photo. Two additional villages, village #59 and village #51, are currently under contract for new public toilets and the work has already begun. By the end of February, 2014 we will have completed the public toilets in four barangys or villages. Mr. Albert Chua, our volunteer project manager, is doing a wonderful job communicating with Bhante Wimala on a daily basis. We appreciate his hard work and dedication in managing our projects to help the people of this typhoon-affected region.