Reaching the Village of Bhaiselitol in Panchkhal District

As we continue to reach remote villagers and help the people in devastated villages that are hard to reach (where nobody has reached them yet or very few have reached), this time we reached the village of Bhaiselitol. At the request of Captain Pradip, the Nepali army officer who has being helping us, we were able to reach Bhaiselitol Village and distribute many essential, urgently needed supplies.

When Cap. Pradip called me and asked me one morning whether I wanted to help the people in another devastated village in Panchkhal district, he told me that nobody has reached there yet or brought the most essential food supplies. This is the third time the captain requested that I help the people of a devastated village. Cap. Pradip also described how a lot of houses have been completely destroyed and the rest of them badly damaged and people urgently needed help. The residents of Bhaiselitol needed food and they also have requested roofing material so that they can build their own temporary houses.

This is one of the villages that Cap. Pradip reached just after the devastating earthquake as he and his team were conducting search and rescue missions. He recently visited this village again for the second time and found out that they really needed help. He came to me with a list of 45 families who needed help and gave me necessary information. I agreed to help Bhaiselitol Village and prepared a list of essential needs and scheduled our relief mission the next day.

The list included roofing material for all 45 families, 30kg of rice for each family, oil, salt, lentils, biscuits, and buckets for carrying water. With the help of two monks who have being assisting me, Punna and Soma, we ordered everything on our list the same day and rented a truck big enough to hold all of our supplies.

On the 16th of May we loaded the truck with everything they needed and headed to the village. After traveling almost two hours from the capital Kathmandu, we climbed the mountain for about 8km on an unpaved rough road. As we arrived in Bhaiselitol Village once again, I was glad we were able to reach this village and help them. It was obvious that they needed help and they were waiting for it. Although two weeks have passed since they lost their homes, still nobody had been able to provide them adequate amounts of food and other basic needs.