Reconstruction and Building New Homes

Rebuilding and renovation will be an ongoing effort for a long time to come. Many government and non government organizations has already started building houses. We The Triple Gem Society will do its part and participate with best efforts to provide houses for those lost their homes. We have committed to helping, through local resources, in rebuilding some schools and homes destroyed in this disaster. With such great need, we are taking the time and effort to carefully select the most beneficial projects. Our first project was to sponsor the new roof of a damaged school building which had to expand to accommodate displaced students.

We have planed twenty temporary houses to be built. We have found the location and bought material and given the contract to a local builder and will hopefully finish the home in two weeks. These houses will get the people out of the schools or temples. Until the permanent houses are built they will have their own place to live. We have discussed with the government agents and waiting for the land for twenty more houses.

We have already committed to building 10 brand new permanent homes for ten families, six in Trincomalie and four in Ampara District and we are awaiting government guidelines for reconstruction. Our intention is to build a minimum of 50 homes long term.