Mongolia Relief Projects

2018: To bring positive enthusiasm. To make mindful decisions.

Each year all around the world people come together and experience the first moments of the first day of the New Year with enthusiastic and joyful celebrations.      As the fireworks light the night skies, music and singing echo the whole planet. Dancing, hugs and kisses connect people to one another as the book…

In the Maximum Security Prison in Mongolia

I am a TV Journalist Bayanaa Gunbold and was glad to organize the visit of Venerable Bhante Wimala to one of our maximum security prisons in the capital Ulaanbaatar. Oko who was an inmate in the same prison for 25 years who became a lawyer after getting released also accompanied us. Bhante Wimala spoke to…

Building A Village for Homeless People

Village for homeless people? Yes we built a village for homeless people in Mongolia. At the time I am writing this letter, I heard that the temperature is 40 degrees below zero. That is -40. It is very, very cold. Can you imagine being homeless in this kind of cold weather? When I saw their…

Conference on Buddhism and Mongolian Culture

At the request of Dr. Togkhok, assistant professor at the University of Humanities in Mongolia, Triple Gem Society sponsored a conference titled ” Buddhist Philosophy, Mongolian Culture, and Globalization.” The conference was co-organized with the graduate school of humanities in Mongolia. It was held in Chingesiin Huree tour camp outside Ulaambaatar on the 10th of…

TV Interview

Interview with the journalist Bayanaan Ganbold which was aired by Business TV, Mongololia. Following is the link to the documentary English version: Mongolian version:

Lecture at the University

March 2015 Bhante Wimala gave a lecture to graduate and PhD students at the University of Humanities in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The two hour lecture entitled “Buddhist Concept of Compassion” ended with a dialogue with the students and the faculty.

Blankets for Homeless People in Mongolia

In the winter time the temperature could get down to 40 degrees below zero in Mongolia. In such cold conditions homeless people could suffer a lot.

Visiting a Home for Disabled People

Welfare “Bat-Ferelt-Ireedui” is a residence for people who are homeless and who are disabled. It is located in the 8th district of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. In April 2015, Bhante visited the welfare center and spent time with the residents. He also donated winter blankets to all the residents.