Renovating Building #3 in San Jose School

As we continue our efforts to help those who are affected by the typhoon, we have started the renovation work of the third building of the elementary school in Fishermen’s Village, Tacloban City. The building was badly damaged and was not usable. Previously, we have renovated two other damaged buildings at the same school.

I spoke to the principal, Mr. Galos, by phone. He was satisfied with the renovation work, and they are expecting to use the building for classrooms within a few days. Students and teachers had to go through a lot of hardship because of the lack of classroom space for the students. Mr. Galos expressed his gratitude for our help at the school.

Albert, our ground coordinator of the project, is managing the work, and now we are working on renovating the wall around the school as well. Since the school is located in a busy neighborhood, the wall is important for the safety of the students.