Reservoir Project Completed

It was the afternoon of December 1st, 2009. The rain was falling lightly in the village of Thirappanmaduwa where we are busy constructing houses. I crossed a field and climbed a small hill to the reservoir dam accompanied by a contractor, two engineers, and Brigadier Napagoda. It was a very beautiful view. The reservoir that had been dried up for many years, broken and abandoned during the war, is now getting filled with water.

Our contractor proudly showed us the work he had done to repair the dam and the sluice gates that hold or release water. The difference between this scene before us and the dried and abandoned lake of two months earlier was quite dramatic.

The farmers who had also gathered there uttered words of praise, gratitude and blessings for sponsoring the project. Their excitement was obvious. After 17 years they can once again, finally farm their land. Now they, as well as the wildlife inhabiting the other side of the reservoir, can benefit from the year-round water supply.

Just two months ago we announced our intention to rebuild two reservoirs that were destroyed during the war. The completion of the Thirappanmaduwam Reservoir marks the end of the first stage of this project. We are hoping to complete the second phase next year.

Coordinating a project like this required involvement on many levels by numerous dedicated and kindhearted people. We send our blessings and gratitude to Mr. Anura Perera who was the sole sponsor of the Thirappanmaduwa Reservoir renovation project. For many years Mr. Perera has been one of the main supporters and sponsors of Triple Gem Society projects. I also would like to express appreciation for the support of the area military officers and their commander, Brigadier Napagoda.