Samadhi Update

Dear Friends:

Blessings to you as winter turns to Spring and we continue on our journeys through life. I am writing to share with you a challenging and beneficial adventure I have undertaken in the Czech Republic. A generous benefactor from the U.K. made it possible for me to establish an international retreat center for the benefit of all truth seekers, regardless of faith or beliefs. I am deeply grateful for the support from many European and American friends, and students, including Triple Gem Society and my own family?.so many of you have all made generous contributions.

As many of you know, we were fortunate to find an old historic building that overlooks the small village of Tupadly, a short distance from Prague. There are several stone buildings spread over thirty-five acres and include gardens and parkland ideally suited for retreat environment. The property is next to a national forest which preserves its sacred silence spaces. I have chosen the name “Samadhi” because of the stillness and calm that permeates the land and penetrates the environment. I know it is a place where you will experience silence and the sacred divine within.

As I am writing to you I am in the final stages of preparing to open Samadhi for the first season of residential retreats. The most essential architectural plans, renovations and reconstruction have been completed; and we are in the process of furnishing the rooms, equipping the facility and gathering staff. Samadhi Retreat Center will open with residential facilities to accommodate 25 to 30 people at a time.

The Buddha said, “It is in the sanctuary of silent places, with mindful attention, that the liberation of the heart can be gained.” So it is with great joy that I offer to you, my friends and my students, this silent sanctuary called “Samadhi”.

I am now looking at the immediate tasks that must be completed and of course I need your help. It is not possible to complete these tasks without your support and encouragement. You are part of this retreat center, without you I could not do this alone. On the following page is a list of the projects that we have undertaken to complete on a priority basis. I have also listed the long-term projects and the various ways you can help me. Please look over this list and do whatever you can.

I am forever grateful for all your loving support.
Bhante Y. Wimala

Samadhi Retreat Center Development Fund
Tupadly, Czech Republic

Priority Projects for Immediate Implementation

  • reconstruction and expansion of the well-water storage tank
  • up-grade and modification of plumbing needs to accommodate new service
  • up-grade and expand the capacity of the septic system servicing the entire facility
  • reconstruct and modernize existing buildings for sleeping accommodations including kitchen and dinning facilities
  • install an environmentally friendly heating system that is more economical than the current electrical system
  • finally I need to generate immediate operating income to hire a housekeeper/cook and a grounds-keeper.

Long-Term Projects for Implementation over the next two years

  • construction of a new meditation hall and dinning facility
  • build additional overnight accommodations
  • construct a registration center and office
  • design and construct an entrance gate
  • construct a Stupa and Buddha shrine in Sri Lankan style
  • construct adequate off-site parking.

Ways that you can help

  • Make donations or contributions in any amount to the “Samadhi Retreat Center Development Fund”
  • Sign a monthly or annual “pledge” of any amount to the “Samadhi Retreat Center Development Fund”. These funds will be used to finance the Priority Projects for immediate implementation.
  • Specifically sponsoring any one of the immediate or long-term projects above
  • Make a one-time contribution dedicated to the construction of any of the facilities or supplies needed to furnish and equip accommodations.
  • Any in-kind contributions or services such as office equipment and supplies, kitchen equipment, dinning utensils, meditation supplies, furnishings for accommodations, linen supplies, etc.

Please address any contributions to the Samadhi Retreat Center Development Fun