Samadhi Volunteers 2010

Volunteers play an integral role in the success of the day to day life at the Samadhi Center. Every year we welcome a special group of people coming from all parts of the world, all walks of life. The unique blend of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds of our people creates a special place to call home for the duration of their stay. The time and energy they give of so generously is reflected in the smooth operation of the Center during their stay and long after they return to their homes.

The selection process when choosing the volunteers is key to making the experience a positive one for all. Most importantly, we search for individuals that are supportive of our goals and have a clear understanding of the “mission? of the Samadhi Center.

We are very grateful to all of our volunteers for their immense contribution they make to keep Samadhi beautiful and provide an atmosphere of peace, love and kindness. Welcome to some of the 2010 volunteers and thank you, Samadhi Center would not be the same without you.

Following are some of the volunteers: