Scholarships for Underprivileged Students

The principle of Loresho Primary School, Mrs. Rose, visited Bhante Wimala with a request for financial assistance for two academically gifted students to enable them to attend high school in 2010. Although the students Elizabeth and Bradley had passed their examinations with distinction they were unable to further their education because their families could not afford the school tuition.
The majority of the students in Loresho Primary school come from underprivileged families. The Principal, Mrs. Rose, did everything she could to raise funds for Elizabeth and Bradley, even taking a collection among her fellow teachers. However, a teacher’s pay is small and they were only able to raise a fraction of the funds required. Following a meeting with the students, Bhante Wimala made arrangements for their high school tuition to be paid. We are glad to be able to help two more students to have a higher education.