School Supplies for 2000 Displaced Students

As you might know from the history of Triple Gem Society, we are always interested in getting involved with projects related to the education of children, especially those who are affected by war or natural disasters.

The Manik Farm area has been divided into four zones. Brigadier Wikramasinhe, who is in charge of Zone 1, informed us of the need for school supplies for students in grades 8, 9 and 10. These children have missed school for past few months due to the heavy fighting in the area. Arrangements are now being made to start schools immediately in temporary huts.

When I arrived in Sri Lanka Ven. Subuthi had already organized the purchase and transportation of the school supplies. I simply had to pay the bills and take the materials to the IDP camps. We were happy to help these two thousand students with notebooks, pens, mathematics equipment boxes and other essential school items.