Simple Deeds That Can Changes Lives

According to the Joint United Nations Program on AIDS, by the beginning of 2003 there will be 42 million people in the world living with HIV or AIDS. Within approximately 10 years we can expect another 45 million people to get infected. In Africa alone, about 55 million people could die over the next two decades if they don’t get treatment. Asia, which contains over half of the world’s population, is on the verge of becoming the world’s largest AIDS epidemic.

We all need to come together and share our resources to be a part of such an enormous problem that affects all of humanity. Although what each one of us can do may seem like a drop of water in the ocean, the simple small things that we do will make a big difference. Over the years we have initiated and gotten involved with many projects in different parts of the world to help the victims of AIDS.

As we were conducting our African humanitarian projects over the past year we came across an orphanage in a remote village of Kenya. Most of the boys and girls, between age four and 14 had lost their parents to AIDS. One extraordinary woman from Great Britain cared for about 90 children under extremely difficult circumstances.

In one of my visits to this orphanage, the nurse who cares for the children was telling me a story of three young children who had wandered for many days without much food, after their parents had died from AIDS. When they were brought into the orphanage they were sick and malnourished. I was happy to see that those children got a chance to have a place to live, proper meals and the education they need.

There are many endless needs. We were able to provide the orphanage with mosquito nets, clothing, malaria testing kits, cooking stoves, and two sewing machines.