Sixth Day Care Center Opens

The blessed children and parents, with a deep sense of gratitude, welcomed Reverend Bhante Wimala to their small village on June 19, 2015 for the inauguration of a new day care center. In Payapay village in Tacloban City, mothers and children rejoiced on the occasion of the opening of their new day care center. As promised, the center will be managed by the village officials. Sixty (60) children are benefitting from a free education. Since Typhoon Yaiyan destroyed their village, the people have being waiting for two years for a day care center for their children.

This is the 6th day care center built by Rev. Bhante Wimala as he continues to help the poor villages that were devastated by the typhoon. Payapay village is situated along the coastal road of San Jose Area, 1.5 kilometers away from the Tacloban City Airport. This small village of 382 families who are fishermen was devastated by super typhoon Haiyan.

A parent named Maila Bacarra heard about Rev. Bhante Wimala, a Buddhist monk who enthusiastically does great work to help the City after the super typhoon Haiyan devastation. She asked the village chairman, Salvador Santiago Jr., to make a formal request letter and submit it to Rev. Wimala asking for a day care center for the children. For them, it was a great blessing when Rev. Wimala approved their request and promised to build one. To Rev. Wimala, granting a day care center is another way of fulfilling the community needs where parents can easily find work for living without worrying about their small children.

Because of his passion to help and commitment to serve the poor, the building was successfully completed and was equipped with tables and chairs and other essential tools for the children and staff. I feel blessed to be able to manage the construction of this day care center. Rev. Wimala expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his friend and student Kanani Segal and family of Nairobi, Kenya for the financial assistance which made it possible for him to help this poor community.