Teaching in Sacramento, California

My name is Assad Zamani an Iranian Muslim residing in California, U.S.A. I am honored and privileged to know Venerable Bhante Wimala for over 13 years. During this period, every time he travels to Sacramento area in California, he has been our guest. Staying in our residence he usually holds classes and speaks at different Churches or Spiritual Centers.

His last stay in our home was on February 2010. He held a well attended Saturday meditation retreat at Christ Unity Church. He also gave sermon on Sunday at both services of Spiritual Life Center which was followed by an afternoon workshop entitled “why are we together, the Karmic ties in relationships”.

In every trip to this area he shares his knowledge, wisdom and free spirit with people of all faiths and cultures. After each service or talk people claim, “He said exactly what I needed to hear and it made a positive difference in my life.” It is always hard to finish or end his lectures and classes because people want more, people don’t want to leave. We would love to have him back in our area soon.