The Launching Ceremony of Bhante’s Books in Sri Lanka

The launching ceremony of Bhante’s Book Lessons of the lotus in English, Tamil and Sinhala and the poetry book, the poems of awakening was held at the BMICH conference hall in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The event which was held on the 25th of Feb. 2009 two to four pm was organized by Vishva Niketana Peace Center with the leadership of Dr. Charika Marasinghe. Over three hundred people including ambassadors, government officials and dignitaries participated in the event. Following is the vote of thanks speech given by Dr. Charika Marashighe.

Vote of thanks. (Punyanumodana?)

By Dr. Charika Marashinghe

Two hours of our life, we have spent together, you and I, a moment from our long samsaric journey going into our selves. I hope and believe that we will meet again and again in that hazy far away future on such holistic occasions.

This occasion was made possible by the writings of Venerable Yatirawana Wimala thero. Venerable sir May you be blessed with strength of mind and body to enlighten us more and more through your books in the future. May your personal journey on the path help you to reach the ultimate goal of liberation. On behalf of Vishwa Niketan I take this opportunity to wish you peace and happiness for the Dhamma talk delivered today.

Our chief guest Reverend Tom Shepherd came all the way from the United States of America to share his time and energy with us this evening. Let me bless you Sir for your kind acceptance of our invitation and for gracing this occasion.

Venerable Olande Ananda thero conducted the Metta Bhavana for all of us and helped to create the right atmosphere for this unique occasion. May your samsaric journey be one of sublime joy and happiness.

Professor Emeritus Chandra Wikrema Gamage willingly agreed to review the books launched today. Bless you Professor with long life good health and a tranquil mind to continue work of this nature.

This evening’s program was inspired y the sacred music performed by a leading ethnomusicologist Mr. Tim Hoffman. Your participation and performance today added a distinctive difference to this event. May I bless you Mr. Tim Hoffman with wholesome thoughts for success in your future endeavors and wish you peace and happiness, for your contribution to make this event a success.

Dr A.T Ariyaratne founder of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement welcomed the guests on behalf of the Vishwa Niketan International peace center. Your presence here today is much appreciated and I wish you with long life, good health and well being in the years to come.

Our special invitees today came from far and near under going much rigor due to many types of constraints we face today in Sri Lanka. With Metta I bless you for making the effort to share this event with us. May you be well peaceful and happy.

I need to mention the wonderful cooperation and the sense of professionalism shown by our printer “”?. Especially Mr. Palitha?in bringing out a quality production in a very short time. May I invoke the blessings of the Triple Gem and wish you peace and happiness.

This event was important for the Vishwa Niketan International peace center for it was the celebration of its 10th anniversary as well. The members of the Vishwa Niketan Trust, The Director and his team one and all gave their time and energy whole heartedly to make this event a success. May I wish them all health Peace and happiness and of course success in their future endeavors for their contribution.

The organizing committee of this event worked very hard amidst many drawbacks and I wish them and strength to continue with wholesome activities to make their life’s journey peaceful and Happy.

A number of young people helped us to add variety and spice to this occasion. Miss Ranmenika Adikari a young student from Ginidamana Maha Vidyalaya, in far away Polonnaruwa came all the way to chant the Jayamangala Gatha in her melodious voice. The human lamps presented by a troupe of graceful dancers from Thalahena in the Galle district participated in this event with very short notice. Our compere another young student from Visakha Vidyalaya shared her valuable time despite the exams LOOMING OVER HER HORIZON. May I invoke blessings on these youthful daughters of our country for their kind participation. May all their future endeavors be successful and their lives blessed with peace and happiness.