The Third Day Care Center

We have completed renovation work and handed over the day care center in Shuhi village that was ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan. Using the money donated to Triple Gem Society by MKM foundation, we were able to fully renovate the badly damaged unusable building. This will be a day home for about 50 children from poor families who need the day care service.

I first went to Shuhi village to distribute medical equipment. At the request of the villagers, we renovated the badly damaged church. When they led me to the abandoned day care building and requested me to help to rebuild it, I could not say no. I have already understood the vital role the day care center plays for the wellbeing of the community. So, I immediately organized agreements and estimates with the village council and then my project manger Jenny started the work.

Since I could not find an sponsor in time, Laurie Taylor, the Vice President of Triple Gem Society proposed that we use the funds donated to Triple Gem Society by her friend Ann’s family foundation called MKM Foundation. Since I was already in Tacloban, Philippines, Laurie was able to transfer money so that we could begin the work immediately.

As you see in the photos, our project manager Jenny has done a wonderful job and I was very happy to be there on the first day when the children returned to the day care. When I saw the smiles on the faces of mothers and heard the words of gratitude from them, I felt so grateful for all the people who directly and indirectly contributed to the success of this project. As always I felt that the hours of discussions, negotiations, and the long international phone calls, all produced results that brought much happiness to everybody. Thank you.