Thirty Goats

We continue to help those who were displaced by war and are getting resettled in war devastated villages. As we visit the communities and listen to the people sometimes we simply do things to fulfill their wishes. We were not planning to give goats but we could not turn down the request of some families to get a pair of goats for them so that they can have a source of nutritious milk.

We are very happy to let you know that we have donated 30 special bread of milk producing goats on my last visit to Sri Lanka. I expressed my concern about the killing of the goats for meat and requested that they not kill the goats that we donated. I Hope they will keep the promise and they will benefit from the milk.

I am grateful to Mr. Anura Perera who provided the financial support on my reqest to purchase the goats. Our thanks to Col. Namal Bandara who co-coordinated the project and provided leadership for the successful completion of donating goats to people who were displaced by war and are now returning to their villages.