Time of Renewal and Rebirth

Dear friends and students,

I am back at the Samadhi Meditation Center in Prague, Czech Republic.

Spring has already arrived here. The trees are waking up from the long rest of the cold winter, and they seem to be bursting with happiness. When the branches move to the rhythm of the gentle spring breeze, the trees look like they are doing a welcome dance to celebrate the arrival of the warm weather. I am so happy to observe this wonder of nature.

Spring is a time for renewal and a time for rebirth.

For us, especially, it could be a time of spiritual awakening. It is a perfect time to pay close attention to yourself and to think what renewal, rebirth, and awakening mean to you. If you can, take a few minutes to reflect on the journey of your life. Try to remember your own individual potential that you have within you that can help you to do meaningful work in this world and that can also help you to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

There are a lot of Birch trees around the Samadhi Center. All winter they looked dead, and they had no signs of life. Now the leaves are popping up. Soon the trees will be full of life with flowers and fruits.

It is a reminder of the potential within each one of us. You are full of life. You are full of potential within you to be compassionate, loving, giving, and happy. For the spiritual spring to arrive, the mind has to be peaceful. We need to let the cold air of disturbed emotions pass so that the warm air of the peace can wake up the potential of the human heart.

Then, the potential of your heart will flow through you. This potential will influence and shape your intentions, your thoughts, and your actions. This, no doubt, will bring happiness, joy, and meaning to your day-to-day life. Make it a wonderful and joyful spring and summer.

I send you my love and blessings, and I wish you peace, happiness and good health.

With love and blessings,

Bhante Wimala