Triple Gem Society (TGS) Expands

When a tree grows having established firm roots in the soil, branches starts growing from the trunk displaying the maturity of the tree. Triple Gem Society being well rooted in the United States has decided to extend its branches to Asia and Africa.

To accommodate the growing numbers of the humanitarian’s programmes that we have been involved in, we have set up TGS branches in Sri Lanka and Africa . We believe that this will help us for efficient running of our activities and accountability of the funds.

Based on our principles, it is important to choose the right people to head the board together with the office holders. We need to maintain the integrity and accountability that we have proven for the last fifteen years. Extending our services and getting TGS registered in foreign countries will enhance the capacity of our performance at TGS – Princeton, America.

Since TGS in America has no paid employees it is becoming quite difficult for the few volunteers and myself to handle all the responsibilities and workload in managing humanitarian projects in different pats of the world. For example four months ago I handed over the responsibilities of Tsunami relief work to TGS Sri Lanka. Since then they have taken up most of the burden of managing the projects. If has made a big difference for me and the TGS in the USA.

Officers of TGS Sri Lanka

Spiritual Director and Chairperson
Venarable Bhante Y.Wimla

Assistance Chairperson and assistant treasurer
Rev. Pannaratana

Main supervisor and adviser
Mr. Bandula Karunaratne,
Occupation: District Judge of Kandy

Treasurer: Mr, Nimal Wanigasekara
Occupation: Engineer,

Hiranthi Karunaratne
Occupation: Attorney at Law