Triple Gem Society

Triple Gem Society is a Buddhist organization that has two main objectives:

1. To help people have happier, more peaceful lives by teaching meditation and other practical life-enhancing tools.

Bhante Wimala's message reflects his spiritual grounding in Buddhism and his practical explanation of the following:

      • Meditation for a happier and more peaceful life
      • Compassion as a means to happiness
      • Guided meditation for more restful sleep
      • Stress management and personal well-being
      • Overcoming addictive behavior
      • Buddhism and its tools to calm the mind
      • Karma and its role in answering life's questions

2. To provide humanitarian relief to help alleviate suffering around the world and improve the lives of those who are in need.

All of our humanitarian projects have several aspects in common:

      • They are done in the spirit of respect and compassion for all people involved
      • They must have a good chance of success
      • The donations will reach those who are most in need
      • When possible, those who are helped are empowered to help themselves

Triple Gem Society organization:

Bhante Wimala, the Triple Gem Society's founder, leader and spiritual director, is a Buddhist monk who travels the world crossing religious, racial, and cultural boundaries. Bhante has devoted his life to helping others and promoting the message of inner peace and spiritual transformation. He travels in the US, Canada, and around the world sharing his spiritually enlightening and inspiring message - teaching people how to create more peace, harmony and joy in their everyday lives. You can learn more about Bhante Wimala here.

The Triple Gem Society has been lead by Bhante Wimala since 1986, and is supported and guided by an Advisory Board (see below for current members). Some of the teachings and humanitarian works completed by the Triple Gem Society over the years can be found throughout this website.

Triple Gem Society Advisory Board
President and Spiritual Director:
Ven. Bhante Yatirawana Wimala
Laurie Taylor
Maureen Power
Co-Secretary:Karen Christians
Co-Secretary:Lisa Karstens
Board Consultants:Alex Nason
John (Sivali) Mulligan
Legal Advisors:
Lee Corbin
Judith Enright
Amy Holzman
Office Assistant:
Suzette Aloyo

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