Unity Christ Church in Richmond, VA, USA

We have welcomed Bhante to this part of the United States for over 15 years. Often I was fortunate to host or co-host him with the other organizers of his events. It is like a bright blue sky every time when Bhante comes to speak to us here in Richmond, VA — it is like the bright blue sky appearing through the clouds.  All the darkness disappears and everything seems more colorful.

Bhante was here twice recently at Unity of Richmond Church and Unity Christ Church of Bon Air. As his host I was blessed to spend time with him and experience his peacefulness, compassion and professionalism. He was welcomed at both churches with the pews filled and a lot of excitement.

As he spoke at the Sunday services and led afternoon workshops that followed, we all experienced the peace that Bhante is. His profound wisdom and clear and simple message left us inspired. We were left motivated to consciously create a life of compassion in action and good karma. There are many friends in Richmond who are eagerly waiting for him to return.

Bhante, you are so loved and so welcome in Richmond anytime. May you continue to spread Peace around the world.

Evelyn and friends in Richmond, VA