Vesak Celebration 2011: Program at Nairobi Buddhist Temple

Led by: Venerable Bhante Y. Wimala

The Nairobi Buddhist Temple will be celebrating Vesak, to commemorate the Birth, the Enlightenment and the Passing away of the Buddha. This is undoubtedly the most sacred day of the Buddhist calendar. The Nairobi Buddhist Temple has put together a nice program to celebrate this day of enlightenment, the day of peace and spiritual awareness. We would like to invite you to come and join us on this sacred day of Vesak.

Schedule of Events

8-9am – Observing precepts, Buddha Vandana and meditation.
9-9.30am – Guided meditation on nine virtues of the Buddha (Buddhanussathi bhavana)
9.45-10.30am- Introduction to meditation and guided meditation for beginners
10.30- 10. 45am -Walking meditation
11-11.30am – Dhamma talk and discussion, topic: five precepts in daily life.
11.30 am – Buddha puja
11.30am – Lunch for monks
12. Pm – Lunch for the guests
2- 2. 30pm- Dhamma discussion on Mangala Sutra (A discourse of the Buddha).
2.30-3.30pm -Compassion in Action. Video presentation on latest humanitarian projects
And discussion on compassion.
4- 5.30 pm – Dhamma talk “Heart of Buddhism and how to integrate Buddhist principals
Into daily life”.
5. 45- 6.30pm- Puja and blessing ceremony.
6. 30. – 7.30pm- lighting Vesak lanterns and candle


Vesak Celebration 2011: Celebrating the day of Enlightenment

All Buddhists around the world consider the full moon day of May, known as Vesak Day, the most auspicious of the year. Buddhists and even non Buddhists celebrate this particular day that has become significant based on the three main events of the Buddha’s life: his birth, enlightenment and passing away. Taking place of these events out in the nature, under trees, symbolizes the openness of his message. This year, 2011, we are celebrating the 2600th anniversary of the birth of this Great Teacher. The Dhammapada stanza 194 reads- “Blessed is the birth of Buddhas”.

Every year on this trice sacred Vesak day, Buddhists are inspirationally motivated to show kindness, compassion and forgiveness and spend the day in religious observances. This year Vesak full moon day falls on 17th of May, which we will celebrate at Nairobi Buddhist Temple on Sunday, 22nd. Whether you are Buddhist or non-Buddhist I hope you will transform the significance of this sacred day into your own practice of self-reflect, meditation, love and compassion in action.

The Buddha is one of the greatest spiritual masters to have graced the planet Earth. Blessing all truth seekers with his timeless wisdom, the Buddha expounded his noble message surpassing all religious, cultural, social and geographical boundaries, and bringing peace and spiritual awakening to hundreds and thousands of people for the last 26 centuries. Even today his message continues to touch, inspire and heal people from all around the world.

In 1999, in recognition of the great contributions made by the Buddha and his message to humanity the Untied Nations declared the full moon day of May as the United Nations’ Vesak Day.

Let us make this auspicious day an inspiration to share peace and aspire to practice loving-kindness and compassion boundlessly making greater commitment to exemplify the message of great compassion and wisdom following the footsteps of the Buddha.
May all beings be well and happy.

Venerable Bhante Y. Wimala