Vesak Celebration at Nairobi Temple

We celebrated Vesak, the day of enlightenment, at the Nairobi Buddhist Temple on the 5th of May, 2012. The day program, led by Ven. Bhante Wimala, included meditation programs, Dhamma talks, discussions, Puja and a blessing ceremony. One of the highlights was the planting of a “Peace Tree” on the temple premises by the Universal Peace Federation. The joyful day ended with a blessing ceremony and candlelight ceremony.

More than two hundred people of all faiths, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Sikh came together in peace, harmony and friendship. Representatives from the UN and some Embassies including the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka and the UN Chief of Global Parliamentarians and Trade Unions, Dr. Markendey Rai, participated in the sacred day’s events.

We are grateful to everybody who worked hard to make this program a success. We specially thank Mr. Dawda, the Chairman of Manji Biscuits and his family for organizing and sponsoring the renovation of the Stupa, the painting of the temple and the catered dinner for all of the participants.

We share our merits and blessings with Mr. Perera and family who built the temple in the name of Mr. Perera’s parents Norma and Gorge Philmormel.