Vesak – Nairobi Kenya – 2010

Vesak is the most spiritual and holy day for Buddhists. It is held on the full moon day of May. After the Vesak celebration at the Samadhi center in Prague, Bhante left to attend the Vesak celebration in Nairobi, Kenya.

There were two special events in Nairobi. The first was the UN celebration of Vesak held at the UN headquarters in Nairobi. It was held with the participation of many ambassadors and senior representatives from the United Nations. Bhante conducted a religious service and gave a talk.

The second event was celebrated the next day at the Nairobi Buddhist temple, with the Sri Lankan and Thai ambassadors in attendance and over 100 people of various religious and ethnic backgrounds. The whole program included meditation, a dharma talk, discussion and a special blessings ceremony. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm, and contributed in decorating the temple, preparing meals, and making it a beautiful and spiritually inspiring day.

The day ended with a candlelight celebration where Vesak lanterns, oil lamps and candles were lit all around the premises. The program was led by Bhante with the assistance of the resident monk Uparatana.