Veterans of War – Let Us Help Them as Well

It is absolutely imperative that attention is paid to helping the veterans to regain as normal a life as possible, as soon as possible. It is an integral part of the peace building process after war and must not be overlooked.

During the past two years of the war more than 6,000 soldiers were killed and it is estimated over 26,000 of the troops were left wounded.

The war is now over, and the focus must be on the mental and emotional state of the solders who witnesses and suffered moments and events that most of us will never understand or have to comprehend.

These victims of war have been left with ongoing anxiety and stress that cannot be measured by our standards of stress in everyday life at home. And it is important to point out it is not just the soldiers that are effected but also all the loved ones that have been forced into dealing with the effects of war on the individual.

Finding kindness, patience and understanding to reintroduce these family members back into day-to-day life without war is not always as easy as it sounds. Posttraumatic disorder and other anxiety related disorders affect everyone that comes in close contact with the side effects and long-term damage of war.

What can be done to support and contribute more to the well being of those affected by this tragedy and unthinkable way of life?

Special thanks of gratitude to General Chandrasiri as he has graciously accepted my request to give the gift of my book Lessons of the Lotus to the soldiers returning home. We are donating 300 copies and even more as needed. I hope it will make a difference.