We are Rebuilding Two Hindu Temples that were Destroyed During the War

Two small villages, Madukulam and Sinnatampan are located in Manar District of Sri Lanka. They were both badly damaged during the war. Each of these villages had a Hindu Temple which had been damaged beyond repair. I visited both villages and met with the community and the village leaders who were just getting resettled at the end of the war.

Accepting their request to rebuild their temples, I made all the necessary arrangements and raised funds to start building new temples. There are many needs and so many grievances in this area. I thought that for those who went through so much pain due to years of war, they would benefit greatly if they were to have their temples rebuilt. These temples and religious worship are an important part of their daily lives in some of those remote villages.

Two generous students of mine, Mr. Perera and Mr. Hasmukh Dawda of Kenya and their families each sponsored a temple. We are glad to report that both temples are almost complete and will be opened for worship at the end of August of this year. We are grateful to Mr. Hasmukh Dawda and family and Mr. Perera and family for accepting my request for help and coming forward to bear the costs of the two new temples. They surely will be blessed by the worshipers every day. I also send them my blessings and wish them happiness for participating in this noble deed.