We Have Built a Hindu Temple

When the 2004 Tsunami completely wiped out many villages close to the shores of Kalmunai, we rebuilt one of the villages in that area. In gratitude, that community renamed itself “Triple Gem Village.” After the reopening of the village and families moved in we noticed that the community did not have a place of worship. We felt that the village will not be complete without rebuilding the temple.

Their temple, known as the Sri Gana Vairavar Temple, had been completely destroyed leaving only the bare land. Losing their place of worship was as painful as losing their loved ones for some of them. At the request of the community and their priest we decided to rebuild the temple. Building a Hindu temple is a very special thing since there are many rituals and traditional rules involved. We were glad to rebuild the temple following the guidelines and rules required by religious authority.

The opening day was a joyful day for the whole community. The first religious ceremony was dedicated to evoking blessings for Bhante Wimala and the Triple Gem Society because the whole project was sponsored by the TGS humanitarian fund. As with many of our projects, Bhante was closely involved from the beginning to the completion of the temple and attended the opening ceremony.