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Welcome to the Triple Gem Society, home and heart of the Venerable Bhante Y. Wimala. 


As a Buddhist monk, humanitarian, and visionary leader, Bhante has devoted his life to helping others and promoting his message of social harmony, inner peace and spiritual transformation.


If you are seeking to bring more peace and spiritual fulfillment into your life, and to feel more connected to the beauty and tranquility that surrounds you, please explore the inspiring work of Bhante Wimala. It is our hope that you will find here an array of gifted teachings and practical tools to assist you on your personal journey.


May there be peace, love and harmony in this world

May there be peace, love and harmony in your life

May all living beings be free from pain and suffering


To alleviate suffering and improve the lives of those in need


To help people to have happier, more peaceful lives by teaching meditation and other practical life-enhancing tools


A world where people of all ethnic, social and religious traditions live in harmony and respect one another from a basis of compassion and loving kindness.

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