142 Families in Our Temporary Housing

We handed over temporary housing for 22 more families in Bhaktapur, Nepal. They lost their homes and were living in plastic tents under very difficult conditions. With the opening of our temporary housing project #12 in Bhaktapur we have a total of 142 families in our temporary housing for those who lost homes to the devastating earthquake. In our previous articles we have shared with you the challenges, difficulties and enormous responsibilities that fall on us in trying to complete such housing projects. No need to repeat. I hope you understand.

I share my blessings with everybody who contributed to this noble project in many different ways. I would like to share one letter I received from one family who moved into our temporary housing project #12. In Nepal they address me as Bhante Ji.

Wandana BhanteJi Wimala

After earthquake we stayed four months in a small plastic tent. There were so many problems. We couldn’t sleep well, not good environment to study and most difficult thing was change my cloth any time. It was very difficult to manage our lives in the plastic tent.

After living in tent for four months we came to the temporary housing built by Bhanteji. Now we can stay as a single family. So my parents can take care of us. We are very happy to get chance to stay here because we got a proper environment to study and live. We can play in our room. We are not worried about rain or hot whether anymore.

One day my mother start to cry and hugged me and told me, “If BhanteJi didn’t built this shelter for us then how I could have managed a safe place for you.” We think BhanteJi is a real god for us. So we are very thankful to BhanteJi. Thank you so much BhanteJi. I am Prajita Dumaru. Room no – 6
Housing Project no -12, Bhaktapur