172 Families In Our Temporary Housing Projects

With the completion of our latest project, 30 more families have moved into our new temporary housing project in Bhaktapur, Nepal. This brings the total number of families who have moved into our temporary housing to 172. As we continue to help those who became homeless after the earthquake in Nepal, in the Bhaktapur region alone there are 87 families in our temporary housing.

This time we were able to help lot of old people and the poorest of the poor families who were left homeless for more than seven months. The homeless families lived in plastic tents in most awful conditions that are even hard to imagine.

When I saw their struggle and the suffering they were going through, specially the older people, I was determined to help them as quickly as possible. But there was a big problem in finding suitable land. After having few discussions with my project manager Dinesh the principal of a local school agreed to give us enough space in the school grounds to build temporary housing for 30 families. I was very happy. I am very grateful to Principal Rajendra Koju for his compassion in donating the land for free for a period of two years.

On the opening day when the 30 families moved into their new temporary housing, the whole community came together to celebrate the special moment. Young girls performed traditional and modern dances while the sound of traditional drums echoed in the air. The evening ended with a local feast and everybody participated. It was surely a joyful day for all of us.

I am grateful to out Sponsor Tania Perera who provided the money to cover the total cost for these 30 temporary homes. May Tania Perera and her family be blessed with good heath and inner peace. The tireless work of our project manger Dinesh is greatly appreciated. Dinesh completed the construction work by daily communicating with me while I was traveling in different parts of the world attending other matters.

I am grateful that we were able to provide a step toward normal living for these 30 families by providing them individual space they can call a home as they move back to living more normal lives.