25 Families Receive Assistance for Roof Renovations

It will take many years to rebuild the devastated areas. Everywhere you look there is nothing but piles of rubble and people struggling to survive each day. I met 200 families in one village who badly needed help.

As the villagers gathered, I addressed them and asked them to let me assist 25 families, who I thought needed the most urgent help. They all agreed. I toured the village, visited the damaged homes, and selected the 25 families, mostly single mothers and old people. I had to do this, both, because of our limited funds and uncertainty as to how to complete the renovation of the roofs of the homes. A young man named Mr. Albert volunteered to not only supervise the renovations but also handle the money. After the first round of work is completed and we are sure that our funds are bring managed responsibly, we will help more people rebuild their roofs and homes.

Our friend Mr. Perera and his family also sponsored this project. I am again grateful to him for his generosity and wish him well.