25 Homes for 25 Families

We have assisted 25 families in rebuilding or renovating their homes, mainly the roofs and walls that were destroyed by the typhoon. In spite of the immense challenges that remain as a result of the devastation, including the frequent rainstorms and extreme difficulties in finding and procuring raw materials, we have completed our housing renovation and rebuilding work for 25 families. Mr. Albert Chua, who is our volunteer manager of the project, has worked hard and done a wonderful job.

We are also very grateful again to our sponsor of the home renovation program, Mr. Perera, and send him our blessings.

When Bhante Wimala revisited the village in February, 2013 to inspect the homes, happy families greeted him with gratitude and appreciation.

Following are the names of the 25 families who received housing assistance:

  1. Panfilo Caballes
  2. Alpredo Lowar
  3. Rolando Tadia
  4. Leah Sicoy
  5. Nenita Pandac
  6. Raul Leuterio
  7. Evangelista Taboso
  8. Rodolfo Gonzales
  9. Sally Duenas
  10. Bonifacio Ganches
  11. Galicana Tulana
  12. Marieta Domael
  13. Richard Perez
  14. Cresencia Sombise
  15. Amae Jay Abieras
  16. Felisa Baldicanas
  17. Francisca Benitez
  18. Joey Anog
  19. Nenita Fevidal
  20. Rebecca Dawa
  21. Angeles Canete
  22. Crecencia Tolibas
  23. Rogelio Fevidal
  24. Susan Bonida
  25. Estela Gonzales