30 More Families to Receive Help

Previously we have helped 25 families whose homes were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan completing roof and home renovations. We are glad to let you know that as part of the second stage of our program, we have chosen 30 additional families to help by rebuilding and renovating their homes.

When I made my second visit to the typhoon devastated region of Tacloban this February, I personally met with and chose 30 more families to receive home renovation assistance. All the families who are chosen either have lost their homes entirely or their homes have being severely damaged. At the moment we are waiting for a sponsor for the second stage of our program, however reconstruction work has already begun.

There are thousands of families who have lost their homes and have become completely homeless. Most of them are living in tents, with family members or in inadequate temporary shelters. They need help to completely rebuild or renovate their homes. Most of the people whom I’ve met have lost everything and are not able to bear the cost to rebuild their homes. It will take years for them to save enough money to rebuild or renovate their homes. We are glad that we are able to help at least a small number of the families affected by typhoon Yolanda.

We expect the work to be completed by the end of March 2014. Our volunteer manager of the projects, Mr. Albert Chua will be in charge of the renovation work. I will visit the Philippines again in April to help additional families and continue our humanitarian mission to aide those who live in the typhoon devastated regions.

We are very grateful to Mr. Anura Perera and his family for their generous support of this project.


  1. Maria Conception
  2. Ernie Costelo
  3. Erwin Costelo
  4. Lovely Joy Cuayso
  5. Antonio Tulana
  6. Jay-Ar Rabasto
  7. Ne?o Pare?o
  8. Genoveva Esperas
  9. Mariza Dosal
  10. Reynante Dosal
  11. Norberto Ago?a
  12. Arlene Empas
  13. Marilyn Esperas
  14. Rozalia Galanza
  15. Richard Esperas
  16. Gemma Vincito
  17. Jenilyn Bitbit
  18. Paz Zapanta
  19. Mariana Gonzales
  20. Carolino Delvo
  21. Patricio Tolibas
  22. Domingo Benitez
  23. Anita Alimango
  24. Ramil Alvarez
  25. Apolonia Solise
  26. Gracela Enriquez
  27. Gerry Corpus
  28. Analisa Piago
  29. Erma Casipong
  30. Alicia Bantula