50 Permanent Homes for Tsunami Victims

We have undertaken a difficult but manageable project to build permanent houses for 35 families who lost their homes to the tsunami. I have actually signed a contract to build 50 homes; the construction of 35 of them will be completed in the first stage of the project. We plan to hand over the keys to families by the end of September.

Triple Gem Society is a small organization, without any paid employees. This is a big project for us and we have to work hard to raise the money needed and to complete the project in time. I have worked for the people who were effected by tsunami for the last four months. I very strongly feel that I need to continue to support them because I know their struggle and all the suffering.

You might wonder why we call these homes permanent houses. For the last four months we have been busy building temporary housing for 152 tsunami victim families. Moving into these Triple Gem Camps was an interim solution to get homeless people out of the crowded refugee camps, and provide them with a decent living space. Permanent houses are costly and take time to construct. Triple Gem Society has obtained enough land to build 60 homes. Architects and engineers have already completed their work, and the contractor has already started the foundation. We have appointed a supervisor and a project manager to ensure that the work is done properly, in accordance with government specifications. Some houses have already been sponsored, but we are looking for further financial support for this important project. You also will be able to sponsor a home for a family. One home (just the building) will cost US $5,000.00 (five thousand dollars). Please contact us at (609) 252-9133. Please help Triple Gem Society in whatever way you can. So many of you have traveled this journey to help the tsunami victims with me. As always my gratitude and blessings to for your kindness and support.

Thank you so much.

Project Details

Project Name:         Triple Gem Village Housing Development Project

Location:           Kalutara Distrct in southern Sri Lanka

Personnel Involved:           GH Pathmasiri – Chief Engineer and Contractor

Nimal Wangigasekara -Civil Engineer supervising the project and representing Triple Gem Society

Rev. Pemaratana and Rev. Uparatana – Two Buddhist monks who will be supervising all activities until project completion. They will be the direct links between Bhante Wimala and everyone involved with the project, including those who will receive the homes.

Bodhi Liyange -Mr. Liyange is the Deputy Inspector General of Police in Sri Lanka. He has volunteered as an independent observer of the project. He will advise us on any legal matters or any other concerns.

George Phylnormel Foundation -One of the major financial sponsors of the project.