500 Pairs of Reading Glasses

In my initial inquires about what was needed in Haiti, I found out that there is a big need for reading glasses. In preparation, I brought 500 pairs of reading glasses with me. When I arrived however, in spite of our best efforts we could not find an eye doctor or an optician to examine the eyes of the local people in the area where I was planning to distribute the glasses. Instead, the military doctors from our Sri Lankan peacekeeping mission kindly volunteered to conduct the eye exams, write the proper prescriptions and distribute the reading glasses.

Many people with poor eyesight did not own a pair of glasses. For some it was their very first pair. The peacekeepers, who are experts in handling large crowds, organized the recipients efficiently. The entire event was surprisingly peaceful considering the large numbers of people needing glasses so badly. The successful Eye Camp, organized and conducted by the Sri Lankan Peace Keeping Mission, was held in the Kashur Tent City.

The reading glasses were sponsored by Lisa Benson and the staff of Ellipse Inc, from Dallas Texas. I am grateful to Lisa and her staff for donating the glasses on such short notice.