63 Families in Devastated Kalika Village, Nepal Receive Much Needed Food

Traveling on a dusty, unpaved, very rough road we arrived in Kalika Village with a busload of rice. Yes, a busload. When I asked the people helping me why they have to use a bus to transport our rice they told me that these buses climb these roads with heavy loads like no other vehicle and they are specially modified for these roads. When we arrived the villagers were happy that their worries of running out of food were over.

In Kalika village every house was damaged by the earthquake and many were completely destroyed. 63 families live in Kalika village and they are experiencing many difficulties dealing with the devastation of the earthquake. One of the problems was food shortage. Their crops will not be ready for one more month and they needed help with rice.

My driver Bim repeatedly asked me to visit his village. He often would say, “We need only rice, we need only rice.” Rice is their primary food. After receiving the list of the families from Bim, we organized money and supplies to provide 30kg of rice per family for all 63 families of the village. We are glad we could ease their worries and provide enough rice for each family to last through the month until their crops are ready.

Thank you for your help in these vital relief efforts.