70 More Families Receive Zinc Roofing Material to Repair Damaged Homes

Following a plea from Kavrepalanchok region resident Ganesh Prasad Parajuli, on July 25, 2015, Venerable Bhante Wimala distributed zinc roofing material for more than 70 families, whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the April 25, 2015 earthquake that devastated Nepal. Residents continue to face great hardship following the loss of family members, homes and livestock resulting from the deadly earthquake.

First Bhante traveled one and half hours from Kathmandu to Jyamdi V.D.C in Kavrenpalanchok on a main road and then for the rest of the trip he had to hired a local four wheel drive pickup truck to get the village because of the rough road conditions and difficult terane. He was received by residents who expressed great warmth and gratitude for the roofing material. The 70 families living in villages located in Jyamdi V.D.C. ward number 3 and 6 join approximately 300 other Nepalese families who have also received housing and building materials through the dedicated work of Bhante Wimala and his sponsors.

Ven. Bhante Wimala expressed his warm gratitude for the sponsorship provided by Venerable Saranankara of the Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple in Sentul, Kuala Lampur, in addition to Malaysian Buddhist organizations.