A New Use for a Special Project

On the 18th of March, 2010 Bhante Y. Wimala handed over the ownership papers for 20 buildings to the commanding officer of the 2nd Infantry Division of the Sri Lankan Army.

The officer accepted the papers from Bhante on behalf of the solders injured and disabled in the war. The buildings will be used to house the rehabilitation program for wounded solders.

Originally the 20 buildings, consisting of one hundred rooms, were constructed for the IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) who fled from their villages during the war. As a result of the government re-settlement program, however, many families are now able to return to their original homes. In the Zone 4 IDP camp, in particular, the homes built through Triple Gem funding after the war are now empty.

During his last visit, Bhante discussed possibilities for the best use of these buildings with Sri Lankan government officials and military personnel. Bhante accepted the proposal to donate the buildings for the benefit of the disabled veterans as an appropriate way to utilize the facilities.

We are very glad to see that the 20 buildings, which cost us about 17 million Rupees to build, are finally being put to such good use.