April 2010 – Africa

Taking care of the handicapped has been an important part of Bhante’s work in Africa. In April of this year, he was able to donate 5 wheelchairs, 10 crutches and 5 walkers to a group of people in the Subukia constituency, near the city of Kisumu. As Bhante explains, it is always a great pleasure to donate wheelchairs, walkers and crutches because it allows handicapped persons an independent means of transport.

Honorable Nelson, a member of parliament from Subukia, had approached Bhante about addressing the needs of the handicapped in his constituency. He organized Bhante’s travel to this remote area, to assess the situation first-hand. It was a great trip because Bhante was able to spend time with those in need and determine how best to help.

In this remote area, there are a lot of poor people and many are unable support or take care of their own health care needs. Although the needs were many, Bhante focused on the disabled, the group with the least ability to care for themselves. On the day of the donations, Honorable Nelson the MP, joined Bhante to give out the wheelchairs, crutches and walkers. We know that those donations will help them tremendously in improving their quality of life.