Attending to Trauma Counseling and Spiritual Needs

Many lives has been shattered by Tsunami, The ripple effect of the emotional impact of tsunami is still touching many people in Sri Lanka. Those who helplessly watched there loved ones getting swept way by the current of tsunami. Those who collected thousands of dead bodies and berried in mass graves, those who lost every thing that belongs to them, those who heard the screams, cries and painful stories of survivors all are still feeling the ripple effect of tsunami. It will continue to effect many people for years to come. There are people who are so much in pain, who are anxious and who feel hopeless and helpless. I meet such people almost every day.

Spiritual concealing and religious ritual can help a great deal to heal the pain of people and relieve anxiety. They have helped people for thousands of years. We the Buddhist monks must take our responsibility seriously and be there for the people to provide them comfort and counseling. I have performed several mass memorial services and read hundreds of names of those who have died. We have had many blessing ceremonies. I have met several committed and hard working monks and nuns who are already working closely with me. And there are many other groups and organizations who are making a great effort to provide emotional and spiritual counseling.

I am very committed to organizing and inspiring the community of monks and nuns to provide Spiritual and Psychological Counseling needs to many traumatized people. January 31 two Chinese Buddhist women councilors were sent to some refugee camps. They will have a rotating group of counselors who will work with children and adults. People are looking to this spiritual community for guidance and direction. I hope we can be there for them to share our love and compassion and blessings.