Bangladesh – Five More Brand New Homes Donated

As we continue to help people who lost homes to cyclone that swept through Bangladesh, we have built five more homes for five families. With the completion of these homes we have donated 24 new homes to needy families who lost their homes to the cyclone in Bangladesh.

The five houses were sponsored by our Triple Gem Society and were built by the Bangladesh Army with the advice and leadership of Col. Shamim. After I met Col. Shamim in the military headquarters in Dhaka, he volunteered to build the homes for us. When I last visited Bangladesh I handed over 19 homes that were completed to the families who were homeless due to the cyclone. Since I was not able to participate in handing over these five newest houses, the Bangladesh military gave the keys to the families on behalf of us.

At the completion of the five houses Col. Hasan, who is the senior military representative of Bangladesh to the U.S. central command in Florida, wrote to us: “The housing project by Bangladesh Army has come up very well. Thanks for your kind help for the needy people of our beloved country. Col Shamim has done a great job ensuring proper construction and close supervision”.

We are thankful to our trusted friend Mr. Hakim Hassan who is a businessman in Dhaka, the capital city. He managed our money during all our cyclone related projects in Bangladesh. And we are grateful to Col. Hasan, who advised us from the U.S. base, for his kind support and constant communication with us of the progress of the project until the completion of it. They both kept constant communication with me to ensure the project was done properly and in a timely manner.

Giving five more homes to homeless families is a grate joy for all of us. We all can only imagine the pain and suffering of homeless life. All the joy and good karma goes to all our supporters. Thank you.