Building Classrooms for Sixth Graders

Can you imagine 70 to 90 sixth grade children in one classroom? Well, students of Loresho Primary School, who come primarily from the surrounding slums, have to study in such a crowded classroom. When I saw the conditions on one of my visits to the school I decided to build two additional classrooms for them. After a bit of groundwork and many months of waiting, we finally got the approval from the ministry of education to build two large classrooms for the sixth graders.

I contacted my good friend Lisa Benson, from Ellipse Communication in Dallas, Texas. Since she had previously helped us to build toilets in the same school and has visited to hand over the toilets, she understood the situation. We are grateful to Lisa for providing the funds to build the classrooms. She is also talking about furnishing the classroom and coming for the opening ceremony. I am happy to know such good friends.