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In April 2015, a magnitude 8.1 earthquake shattered the lives of tens of thousands of people in Nepal. More than 9,000 people were reported dead. The earthquake that struck several districts destroyed homes, schools, and many of the buildings. Many of the affected villages had no standing structures and were completely flattened by the earthquake. Pipelines were destroyed and there was a big shortage of drinking water everywhere. Roads were damaged, landslides blocked roads, and it was very hard to reach many of the victims.

Bhante Wimala was called on to help. He arrived in Nepal 10 days after the earthquake. In spite of considerable challenges and unimaginable difficulties and often dangerous circumstances, Bhante managed to reach and assist thousands of earthquake victims in remote regions. By the end of September 2016, just in 16 months, the following projects have been completed and many more new projects are still going on:

  1. Built 8 schools that were completely destroyed by the earthquake. Each school got one or two earthquake resistant buildings with classrooms to accommodate 120 to 160 students. This often included building retaining walls and cleaning the devastated buildings.
  2. Built toilets in four schools for boys, girls, and teachers.
  3. Completed 18 water projects in order to address the water problems. This included providing drinking water to schools and different devastated villages.
  4. Built a new education and welfare building for women to support the women who lost their homes and belongings.
  5. Started a women’s vocational training program in Kathmandu to assist those who have lost homes and still live in tents. This is an ongoing program.
  6. Gave six college and university scholarships and five higher secondary school scholarships.
  7. Provided urgent medical care assistance to numerous victims.
  8. Built temporary housing for 173 families who lost their homes and were homeless. Most of them are still living in them.
  9. Provided roofing material and financial assistance to more than 450 families who were homeless.
  10. Distributed urgently needed food such as lentils, rise, sugar, salt oil that would be enough to survive for one month, and clothing to about 800 families.
  11. Provided cooked hot meals to thousands of people.
  12. Distributed large water storage tanks and buckets for carrying water.
  13. And many more.

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Relief Projects in Nepal