Meeting with General Moeen Ahmed

Bhante met the Commander of the Bangladesh army General Moeen Ahmed. In his 30 minute visit at military headquarters they discussed short term and long term programs set by the government to help those who were affected by Cyclone Sidr. Since Bangladesh is governed under a care taker government these days General Moeen Ahmed plays…

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Lost Dreams

Forces of nature are unpredictable. Disasters caused by nature will always be part of the experience on this planet earth. Whenever the forces of nature cause death and destruction and suffering to our fellow beings we all feel the pain and desire to help them. The cyclone Sidr that has swept through southern Bangladesh on…

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Humanitarian Mission in Bangladesh

First of all I would like to thank all of you who responded to my previous update. I am still in Nairobi. Tomorrow, the 1st of Dec. I will be leaving for Bangladesh. As you might know Cyclone Sidr (Category IV) hit Bangladesh on November 15th. Over 3000 people have died and over one million…

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