Charlottesville, Virginia

“We were honored to host Bhante’s visit to Unity of Charlottesville in Charlottesville, VA in 2014. We were successful in arranging several venues for him to speak and teach. Bhante did an interview for the University of Virginia’s Contemplative Sciences Center, a program that is dedicated to academic research on different forms of meditation with a heavy emphasis on Buddhist practices. This video presentation is archived for the University’s online and distance learning programs.

Bhante also addressed students and faculty at the University of Virginia. Bhante was also our guest presenter at Unity’s Sunday service, followed by a meditation workshop. Bhante was also featured on our local TV news and in two of our local print publications. We were honored to support Bhante and he blessed and inspired us with his wisdom and living demonstration of sacred service for the benefit of humankind.”

Rev. Don Lansky
Unity Church of Charlottesville

Rev. Don Lansky and Rev. Patricia Gulino hosted Bhante Wimala for three days in Charlottsville Virginia in Feb. 2014. During his visit to Charlettsville Bhante conducted the following programs.

Sunday, February 23
10:20am – 11:45pm Guest speaker at the Sunday service
1-4pm Seminar – “The Karmic Connection”
Monday, February 24
11:45 – 2pm University of Virginia’s Contemplative Sciences Center
Meeting with the director of University of Virginia’s Contemplative Sciences Center and faculty
3-4:30pm Talk at the University of Virginia’s Contemplative Sciences Center
Topic: “Meditation, Compassion & Social Action”
7-8:30pm “Moving Forward with Insight: the Next Steps”
Tuesday, February 25
7-8:30pm “Compassion in Action: When Compassion Alone is not Enough”