Child Welfare Center in Kenya

I am in the process of finalizing the building details of a child welfare center in Kenya. The welfare center will be built in Maragua town, which is located about 100 miles north of the capital of Nairobi. There has been a long standing need for a child welfare center in the Maragua community. There are a considerate number of homeless children and children from extremely poor families wandering the streets.

The welfare center is being built in two stages. The first stage began with a ground-breaking ceremony in August. At that ceremony the foundation stone was put down. We plan to complete the first stage of construction in three months and open the center in February 2011. The child welfare center will consist of a kitchen and dining room for about 50 children. There will be two separate sleeping quarters, one for boys and one for girls, a care-taker facility and toilets. Once the second stage is complete it will serve the needs of 100 children.

The government has donated the land and will supervise the project as part of their contribution. We will be the sponsor of the building. I had several meetings with the City Council in Maragua before making the commitment to construct the center. The child welfare center is such an essential need for the community, the City Council is willing to give all the support we need and they are extremely grateful.

I am grateful to Hon. Mbau, the Member of Parliament for Maragua who requested my help to build the Center and to the Maragua City Council for their support. I am also grateful to Ms Stella Mbau who volunteered to supervise the project and for being my main contact person during the construction process.