College Roof Renovation (update)

The roof renovation of the Asian Development Foundation College was completed and the school was reopened with a grand ceremony where Bhante Wimala was honored as the chief guest. The administration, teachers and students all rejoiced and celebrated the occasion with a grand ceremony including traditional dance, folk songs and the playing of ceremonial drums. Addressing the students Bhante Wimala reminded them of the value of education and encouraged the students to study diligently.

The president of the school, Dr. Edward Chua, the director, Elisa Chua, along with the teachers and students all came together to honor Bhante Wimala and his sponsor Mr. Perera and present them with a humanitarian award for making it possible to reopen the college after the roof renovation.

The college roof was sponsored by Mr. Anura Perera and family. We are grateful to him for his generosity and kindness. We share our blessings and loving kindness with him.

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