Container of Wheelchairs to Africa

In our last newsletter we informed you about our ongoing work with disabled people in Africa. Over the last few years, my interactions with these people, as well as the information I learned from disabled associations and health officers, has help me a great deal to understand the severity and complexity of these problems. Unofficial statistics paint a grim picture of the lives of these unfortunate people.

In the year 2002 the disabled community in Kenya has received 50 wheelchairs, many pairs of crutches, prosthetic limbs and mosquito nets from us. As we look back on the current year, 2003 has also been very successful. We have donated 40 wheel chairs, 8 prosthetic limbs, many pairs of crutches and more nets.

In addition, we have shipped a container with 125 wheelchairs from China to Africa. Twenty-five of them have already been distributed and 100 more chairs are stored and waiting for distribution in 2004. Niven and Blue, of Mombasa Bed Canopies in Grand Prairie, TX arranged the shipment from China.

I greatly appreciate the contributions of Pejutha Hillman, founder of Mombasa Bed Canopies. I was delighted to have Mr. Hillman accompany me on my last visit to Africa. He has witnessed first hand the conditions of these disabled people, and has directly participated in some of our projects there. Mr. Pejutha Hillman, Mr. Niven Padachy and Mr.Blue Hillman of Mombasa bed Canopies have become the major financial contributors to our Humanitarian fund in this past year.

On the other end, in Africa, Mr. Anura Perera of the Phill Normell

Foundation has made it possible to initiate this project without tying up large sums or Triple Gem monies. He has financed the project and made all the necessary arrangements for customs clearance, transportation and storage. We would also like to acknowledge all the hard work and support of Michele, the office manager in Nairobi.

The Triple Gem Society has arranged with the Phill Normell Foundation, that as wheel chairs are donated and distributed we will pay back the money they spent for the shipment. Since Triple Gem Society has many other on-going projects, not having to invest a large sum of money for the container was a great help to us. As you can see all these kind-hearted people who have come together to help with these projects deserve our gratitude, appreciation and blessings.

So there are 100 wheel chairs still waiting to be sponsored. If you are interested please contact us. Your kindness will change the lives of some disabled people.