Day Care Center 5, Completed And Inaugurated

As Rev. Wimala continues to help the victims of Typhon Haiyan, he is reaching more people in more villages who still need help to rebuild their lives. Barangay 60-A is the 5th village to receive a Day Care Center from Rev. Bhante Wimala’s Super Typhon Haiyan Disaster Relief Programs. About sixty (60) children a day, ages 3-4 years old are benefitting from a free education at the day care center now. They are receiving quality education and care in the beautiful facility.

This village is located along the coastal road of the Sagkahan Area. As the old day care center got destroyed by the typhoon, especially mothers were going through a rough time without having a place to leave their children for the day. In these poor communities, the day care center gives mothers freedom during the day to attend to their daily tasks. Not having a day care center has not only had a bad effect on the whole community, it also has had a bad effect on the children.

Repeated requests to the government to help rebuild their urgently needed day care center had not produced any results and met with failure. Finally the village officials decided to ask help from Rev. Wimala and submitted a request letter. When Reverend Wimala granted their request, they were delighted. Hon. Norman Mojados, Chairman of the Village, greatly acknowledged the help of Rev. Wimala as the first person to respond and rebuild one of their most important village facilities that was destroyed during the super typhoon Haiyan.

Plans, proposals, approval letters, and the request letter to Rev. Wimala were prepared and his tireless work and constant communication with me as I managed the construction of the building made the project a reality. Within a very short period of time this beautiful day care center was rebuilt and inaugurated.

In June, 2015 at the inauguration ceremony, addressing the community, Rev. Wimala said, “I thank Mr. Perera and family who trusted me and provided the funds needed to rebuild the day care center. Without his kindhearted gesture, we could not have completed this work. I share my blessings and greatly appreciate his generous support. I also appreciate my project manager Jenny Ruth who worked tirelessly and who I trusted to get the work done.”